Brown Sugar Beard Exfoliant

Lux Length

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Exfoliating the skin is key to removing dead skin, bringing ingrown hairs to the surface, increasing blood circulation and most of all... increasing growth. Even though you are not shaving, your skin may still be prone to ingrown hairs and breakouts due to trapped dirt and oil beneath your beard. This scrub is perfect for gently lifting the dead layer of skin and is safe for sensitive skin due to the gentle exfoliating properties of brown sugar and oatmeal and all natural ingredients.  Olive oil helps to moisturize the skin and hair and penetrates hair follicles to stimulate them while Tea Tree Oil is an anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory that cleanses beard hair follicles and maintains the health of your skin and hair. Vitamin C and E encourage sebum production that moisturizes the hair giving it a thick, lush look and feel while also treating any dark spots left from ingrown hairs.


Begin by mixing product together using provided spatula to ensure that the oil is fully incorporated and distributed. This product should only be used on clean skin, 2-3 times a week. Over exfoliation may lead to breakouts. redness, and overall irritated skin. Do not exfoliate your face or beard every day. Top with Lux Length Sandalwood Beard Balm to lock in moisturize, condition hair and promote growth. 


Brown sugar, Oatmeal, Olive oil, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E oil, Vitamin C oil


The oil will naturally separate and remain at the top of scrub. This is normal and must be mixed in before hand using the provided tool or with a clean finger. The tool can also be used to scoop the scrub onto your hands or face to reduce mess.